Disabled Police and
Sheriffs Foundation

Disabled Police and
Sheriffs Foundation

Our Mission

To Reduce the Numbers of Law Enforcement Officers Injured and Killed in the Line of Duty Through Training and Education and Support Those Who Risk Their Lives Every Day for the Safety of Our Community


“The DVD, Basic CQC, was excellent … you are significantly improving the skill and knowledge level of all the officers who watch these video’s, as well as improve the base line level of training throughout the state. The information and techniques presented will without doubt save officer’s lives and careers and you nailed many of the gaps and weakness I see in most firearm training programs.”

Sergeant William Kennedy

Boston Police Department

“Your course was the foundation for our Airsoft training program. Thanks.”

Chief Luis E. Martinez

Central Arizona College Police Department

“I am continually amazed at the great product you guys produce.”

Scott Barker (FBI, Ret.), Deputy Director
Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center (DOJ)

“I have been using these videos for roll-call training and all the officers have given me positive feedback. Well done!”

Deputy Chief W. Finkelman
Seat Pleasant, MD Police Department

“I’ve discovered POSA’s website a few months ago through PoliceOne.com which I’m a member. I’ve rapidly started learning [POSA’s techniques] on Empty Hand Knife Defense and Close Quarter Combat Techniques. It proved me right because two months ago an inmate assaulted me with a shank and stabbed me 3 times. I got out of the incident with only minor injuries. I reacted fast and efficiently—POSA’s video training are very useful and effective.”

Michael Deslauriers
Federal Canadian Correctional Officer

“Very well run.”

Mike Lucas
Dennville TWP. Police Dept.


Chief J. Lehman
Montpelier Police Dept.

“Very well run.”

Frank Eldridge
Newton Police Dept.

“This was my first [POSA class] and it was great.”

Steven LaRiver
Wilmington Police Dept.

“Excellent and very informative.”

Brian Neeley
Georgetown Police Dept.

“[POSA’s training is] very valuable due to small department budget. Allows me to keep abreast with quality training and material.”

Lee Laster
Montague Police Dept.

“Excellent training! Would like to take part in more.”

Edward Oey
Belchertown Police Dept.

“Should be mandatory training for all firearms and DT instructors.”

Sgt. Ron Leblanc
Wakefield Police Dept.

“Excellent training – looking forward to DVD.”

Tim Fontaine
Leicester Police Dept.

“A lot of good information, vital for the armed officer.”

Ernest Suits
Montpelier Police Dept.

“Any type of class that can assist law enforcement officers in their job is great. The fact that it is free makes it that much better.”

Michael Kane
Boston Police Dept.

“Some training not attainable due to budget constraints. Nice to have an organization that cares and delivers.”

Brian Davies
Dept. of Corrections

“Very thorough and informative.”

Patrick Springer
Marshalls Service

“I think [POSA’s training] is very good. I especially like the fact that training DVD’s are being made available to departments.”

Gerard Johansen
(State) Police

“Did a great job on presentation of the seminar.”

Bryan Raposa
Dept. of Corrections

“Valuable training, great instruction and knowledgeable instructor.”

Lebenon Police Dept.

“[POSA’s training] is the best answer for what is a real problem.”

Alan Patterson, Sr.
Hanover Police Dept.

“[POSA’s classes] are an excellent training opportunity.”

Jon Trary
Lebenon Police Dept.

“It was great to see that there was a training tool available that you could use in any situation.”

Stephen Ringuette
Merrimack Police Dept.

“Very good and helpful.”

James Rathbun, Sr.
Dept. of Corrections

“Excellent information and instruction.”

Sgt. John Andrews
East Providence Police Dept.

[POSA’s training is very valuable] “I need to get the word out to my officers so they can benefit from this knowledge.”

Rich Frazier
Westport Police Dept.

“Very useful and look forward to attending more training.”

Chad Roger
Ashburnham Police Dept.

“Ralph is obviously dedicated to training and it shows in the class. Well done.”

Michael McDonald
Westminster Police Dept

“Excellent training—very easy to understand And retain for further practice.”

Dawn Shea
Pembroke Police Dept.

“Excellent resource for officers who require training.”

Brian Green
UMass Police Dept.

“This is training I would not have been sent to if there was a cost involved.”

Edward Yescott
Dept. of Environmental Protection

“An excellent supplement to basic officer training courses.”

Michael O’Neil
Hampshire College Police Dept.

“The training was extremely informative and professionally instructed.”

David Fleming
Worcester Cty. Sheriff’s Dept.

“This is an excellent way for police officers to educate themselves.”

Danab Shea
Melrose Police Dept.


Steven Godfrey
Massachusetts State Police

“I was a little skeptical before coming, but I was very impressed. The class was well thought out and ran smoothly and efficiently. I will recommend the organization to my co-workers.”

Felipe Marinez
Brewster Police Dept.

“Class was outstanding”. “Takes up the slack where department fails to train, without burdening the officer with the cost.”

Paul Wright
Boston Police Dept

“Great, helpful with budget problems.”

Sean Dantrich
New London Police Dept.

“Instructor was very good. Class was informative. Great training for officers. Easier to attend classes when they are low cost or free.”

Mathew Cunningham
Everett Police Dept.

“Short and to the point and contained all the information I need to perform my job effectively.”

John Bianchi
Salisbury Police Dept.


Bernard Goulding, Jr.
Suffolk County Sheriff’s Dept.

“It is always good to sharpen skills and learn new tactics.”

Gary Gaslan
Holden Police Dept.

“Outstanding. Recommended to everyone.”

James Lonchiadis
Shrewsbury Police Dept.

“Very informative—something for me to work on.”

Stephen Reed
Capital Police

“Course was complete and could not be improved.”

Sgt. Peter Oberton
MSPCA Police

“Good class.”

Sgt. Jeffrey Lourie
Auburn Police Dept.

“The training was useful as it covered an area that a police officer does not cover in routing patrol and would not know of.”

Mark Brayall
Central Falls Police Dept.

“It’s a great idea. Our department has a very limited training budget so this is very helpful.”

David Schneeweis
Yarmouth Police Dept.

“Was very informative. Good Instructor. Presented in easy to understand presentation.”

Richard Vance, Jr.
Boxborough Police Dept.

“Useful training that I can take back to my department.”

Wayne Beam, Jr.
Tewksbury Twp. Police Dept.

“It was a great program. A lot of police departments are very money conscious right now and free training, especially tactics etc., are needed for smaller departments.”

Ray Sherbourne
Holden Police Dept.

“The training was informative, especially because we do not conduct this type of [training in our department].”

John Anderson
East Providence Police Dept.

“Excellent and informative. Will be used in the future.”

Ronald Kadar
(State) Marshals

“It will be a very useful tool as being a firearms instructor, it will enhance my ability to train other people”

William Kropp
Jefferson Twp. Police Dept.

“In a time when training classes cost big money, it Is nice to have a source that provides free, quality training.”

Michael Shawl
Webster Police Dept.

“This course was informative and relevant. Its hands on approach really makes you pay attention and learn the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques.”

Lt. James Beanvias
Johnson & Wales University

“Excellent program—It gives techniques and ideas that are actually relevant to working on the street.”

Jessica Moore
UMass Police Dept.

“Better than academy training…”

Michael O’Neil
Westfield State College Police Dept.

“I learned a lot [from your DVD.].”

James Baker
Lynn Constables

“Professional and useful.”

Ryan McCluskey
Leverett Police Dept.

“I felt the instructor has great knowledge of the field and he taught the class in a manor that was easy to master in a short amount of time.”

Anthony Bettencourt
West Warwick Police Dept.

“Very useful and presented in a professional manner.”

David Marzella
Capital Police

“Excellent. Breaks the traditional mind set.”

Neil Laird
Coventry Police Dept

“Again, I think its great that someone has designed a realistic training program that is both cost effective and valuable in officer safety.”

Frederick Ferni
Saugus Police Dept.

“I enjoyed the training and believe it to be a useful alternative to Simunitions Training that may be run in any environment”

Doug Scheer
Roackaway Bor. Police Dept.

“Excellent training that department does not cover.”

Glenn Pennell
CT Marshals

“[Your DVD] is an excellent source for realistic training.”

Lt. Richcron Piqua
(OH) Police Dept.

“Good Class. The instructor brought up training ideas that I can use in other types of instruction than I do at my department that doesn’t involve firearms.”

Richard Kenny
Leominster Police Dept.

“Great Training.”

Anthony Signore
Redding Police Dept.

“The only improvement would be for more departments to use it.”

Shawn Flynn
Saugus Police Dept.

“Should be taught at the academy level.”

Sgt. Scanlon
UMass Police Dept.

“Very valuable for both field training and overall off duty knowledge.”

Ken Medoff
Trumbull Police Dept.

“Well thought out–to the point”

Michael Champa
Picatinny Arsenal Police Dept.

“Very Informative, good teacher, very approachable.”

Pat McStay
Northbrough Police Dept.

“It keeps more officers safe.”

CT Marshal

“Excellent—fun and informative.”

Rich Palumbo
Wellesley College Police

“Good training saves lives.”

Paul Wesielewski
Montague Police Dept.

“Well thought out, simply put so everyone can absorb.”

Joseph Habershaw
Capital Police

“Opportunity to improve access to cutting edge info, save lives, improve public service.”

Tom Jones

“Informative. Instructor gives you pro & con of techniques. It was a great training experience.”

Ralph Serafino
Stamford Constable

“Excellent, the best.”

Scott Ogden
Tisbury Police Dept.

“Knowledgeable instructor, good hands on training.”

Douglas Nix
Holliston Police Dept.

“Coverage of topic areas was excellent.”

Norm McAlister, III
Rockaway Twp. Police Dept.

“The quality of the [DVD] training was outstanding and required zero overtime dollars.”

Officer S. Ballinger
Wyoming PD

“It is a great concept. Departments don’t spend much money for these courses if any at all.”

Robert E. Lee, Jr.
Trumbull Police Dept

“Very good class. More hands on and realistic training than others.”

Erik Mager
Upton Police Dept.

“Excellent training—gives you the tools needed to keep you safe on the street.”

Officer Bryan Ricci
Coventry Police Dept.


Dominic Palazzo
Sheriffs Department

“I was extremely impressed with the quality and content of the [DVD].”

Chief R. Tomaino
Newton Twp. PD

“Very helpful and informative.”

E.S. Barrette
Burrillville Police Dept.

“It was informative and I would like to attend more training offered by POSA.”

Tom Ehret
Judicial Marshals

“Would highly recommend the course and I look forward to any future training.”

Steven Hoetzel
Portsmouth Police Dept.

“Excellent program that is greatly appreciated.”

Steve Valentine
Southboro Police Dept.

“My Agency provided this course in the past and recently stopped, so coming here [to POSA’s class] was valuable. Budget constraints makes this training a must.”

Sean Noonan
Dept. of Homeland Security
Bureau of Customs & Border Protection

“Perfect for all levels of instructors. Five stars!!”

Sean Conrad
Jefferson Twp. Police Dept

“Very important to provide free training. Not all departments can or will provide training for its officers.”

Marshall Segar
New London Police Department

“This was the best–a free training DVD without all the sales pitch.”

Officer J. Green
Franklin County Sheriffs

“Superb instructor and instruction on mandatory skills for law enforcement officers. Greatly increases the chance that you return home safe every night.”

Officer C. Howe
   Coventry Police

“This class was an excellent presentation of a much neglected topic. Should be presented to recruiting academy.”

Alan Cyr
Upton Police Department

Our Mission

To Reduce the Numbers of Law Enforcement Officers Injured and Killed in the Line of Duty Through Training and Education and Support Those Who Risk Their Lives Every Day for the Safety of Our Community

Our Testimonials

Executive Director


Training Makes A Difference!

“Fewer police officers died in the line of duty in 2008 compared to 2007, reflecting better training and tactics…” Associated Press, December 2008

Our Testimonials

The information and techniques presented will without doubt save officer’s lives…”

Sergeant William Kennedy
Boston Police Department

“I was extremely impressed with the quality and content…”


Chief R. Tomaino
Newton Twp. PD

“I have been using these videos for roll-call training and all the officers have given me positive feedback. Well done!”

Deputy Chief W. Finkelman
Seat Pleasant, MD Police Department

Lots More Testimonials