Help Police

Disabled Police and
Sheriffs Foundation

Our Mission

To Reduce the Numbers of Law Enforcement Officers Injured
and Killed in the Line of Duty Through Training and
Education and Support Those Who Risk Their Lives
Every Day for the Safety of Our Community

Our Testimonials

Executive Director


Training Makes A Difference!

“Fewer police officers died in the line of duty in 2008 compared to 2007, reflecting better training and tactics…” Associated Press, December 2008

Our Testimonials

The information and techniques presented will without doubt save officer’s lives…”

Sergeant William Kennedy
Boston Police Department

“I was extremely impressed with the quality and content…”


Chief R. Tomaino
Newton Twp. PD

“I have been using these videos for roll-call training and all the officers have given me positive feedback. Well done!”

Deputy Chief W. Finkelman
Seat Pleasant, MD Police Department

We Fulfill Our Mission in Three Ways

Advanced Training

Advanced Training—offered FREE to law enforcement officers nationwide—is our major focus.

While each agency and department offers quality training for new and current officers, training budgets are limited. To help supplement training resources to help keep our officers safe, DPSF develops FREE training programs for officers nationwide, through our training organization, the Police Officers Safety Association.


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Disabled Officer Grants

With your generosity, DPSF provides financial assistance to law enforcement officers hurt in the line of duty. From lost wages, increased medical costs and family disruptions, injuries can be both physically and mentally devastating and these officers and their families need our help.


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Survivor Assistance

DPSF provides assistance to families of officers killed in the line of duty. The loss of a law enforcement officer and family member is a tragedy for both the community and families alike.  Your support helps DPSF provide financial aid to the help the daughters, sons, and spouses of fallen officers.


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Disabled Officer Grants

DPSF also develops and distributes FREE educational and public safety programs to increase personal safety and help secure our communities.


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